ISA Predefined Gelato and Pastry Modular Units, ice cream freezer
and gelato display cases from ISA in Florida.
Gelato Show.

ISA freezer

GELATOSHOW - Brillant transparency
GelatoShow is the first showcase with a completely transparent body and tubs, an innovation that will revolutionize the world of ice cream and ice cream shops.
GelatoShow will make your ice cream shop a big success, because by giving maximum visibility to the ice cream displayed, it will be able to perfectly enhance its deliciousness and desirability, capturing the eye and attention of your customers and stimulating impulse buying.

GelatoShow. Ice cream puts on a show, like never before.

GelatoShow: more visibility:
GelatoShow will provide a real treat for your customers’ eyes, because thanks to its transparent front and sides, all the ice cream flavors will now be perfectly visible, from every perspective, like never before.

GelatoShow: more versatility
Very easy to combine 5 liter and 4.75 liter tubs.
One showcase, infinite possibilities.

GelatoShow: more sanitary:
Accessible from all sides, for better cleaning.

GelatoShow: more technology:
GelatoShow is a real show of forms and compositions, designed to be most adaptable to any type of shop and furnishing needs.


    Options Available

Special Performance professional ice cream display cabinet at ventilated refrigeration to display ice-cream with slanting display area.

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