Taylor U.S. represents and distributes Broaster's Ventless Countertop Deep Fryers, Pressure Deep Fryers, Snack-Mate™ Radiant Broilers and Acccessories kits products in Florida and the Caribbean market. Ventless Countertop Deep Fryers and Snack-Mate™ Radiant Broilers are solutions specially designed for today's successful foodservice operation.

The Ventless Countertop Deep Fryer Our Ventless Countertop Fryers combine small footprints with compact designs to allow these convenient fryers to fit on virtually any countertop. They’re perfect to prepare all ready-to-cook Broaster Foods where only limited space is available. Operation is simple no cooking experience is necessary. It’s as easy as ready ... set ... cook. It's the perfect solution for operations where a conventional hood system isn't practical.

The Broaster® Recipe Express Program makes it easy and profitable to cook and serve today’s most delicious finger foods, snacks, appetizers, and desserts ... in minutes! This innovative, no-cost, licensed trademark program is ideal for:
• convenience stores • snack bars • nightclubs & bars • golf courses • amusement parks • movie theaters • campgrounds • ballparks & arenas • museums • bowling & recreational centers • skating rinks • marinas • fairs • gambling establishments • zoos • flea markets • kiosk operators or anyone who wants to profit by having a popular hot food menu.

Broaster offer all the tools you need to help you prepare and serve Genuine Broaster Chicken® efficiently and according to program requirements. The following are just some of the full line of accessories that are available:

• Deli Cases
• Modules
• Heated Display Cases
• Utility Tables
• Prep Stations
• Supporting Accessory Kits
• Marinators
• Easy Breaders
• Oil Caddy
• Marinating Tubs
• Refrigerators and Freezers
• Potato Wedgers
• Vegetable Slicer

We also supply a complete line of marketing support items to give your operation an eye- catching branded appearance. Employee apparel, advertising and P.O.P. materials, packaging, signage and much more are available. 

Who else but Broaster could put together a totally complete, branded program that includes:

• a full line of delicious, top-quality frozen foods.
• a choice of two durable, custom - designed ventless countertop deep fryers
• high-quality cooking oil with no cholesterol, no trans fat, and low saturated fat content.
• a full line of branded packaging supplies.
• a wide variety of branded point -of-sale and promotional items.
• on-site foodservice and equipment training.
• ongoing support and assistance.
• a wide range of optional supplies and accessories.

Deep fry food made from ventless hood Deep Fryers

... all with no franchise, royalty, or licensing fees, you control and keep a Complete
Branded Program

Ventless Countertop deep Fryers: Models VF-2 and VF-3

These compact fryers fit on virtually any countertop.  More importantly, they're self-venting, so there's no costly installation of expensive hoods and vents (check your local restrictions, requirements vary).  They even have built-in fire suppression systems and resettable high temp limits for safety.

Both unit's feature our proven round well design that's engineered for consistent heat distribution, durability, and efficiency.  Additionally, an autolift feature is included to raise and lower the lift basket in the well automatically.  And, basket capacities for both models are well beyond competitive offerings, providing substantially more product per load.

Team a 2-lb. capacity model VF-2 or a 3-lb. capacity model VF-3 Broaster® Ventless Countertop deep Fryers with our full line of Broaster® Recipe frozen foods for an innovative, affordable, and complete branded food program featuring no franchise, licensing, or royalty fees!

he perfect solution for operations where a conventional hood system is not practical.

Ventless Countertop Deep Fryers
Ventless Countertop Deep Fryers.
a Broaster® Solution.

Top Right: The VF Series Information Center - a Broaster exclusive identifies that all critical components are installed and operating properly.

Lower Right: Convenient front access door-within-a-door allows basket loaded with product to be inserted into and removed from the unit with a minimum of heat escape and oil cooling.
Ventless Countertop Deep Fryers

A Franchise Look without a Franchise Fee

A Total Program
That's All-Inclusive.

The Broaster Express™ Branded Food Program makes it easy to attract customers with their favorite array of finger foods, snacks and appetizers. All prepared and served in minutes.

Operators interested in the program simply need to comply with the following requirements:
• Prepare Broaster Express menu items using the specified ready-to-cook Broaster Foods®
• Cook in a Broaster Ventless Fryer or Broaster Pressure Fryer
• Have a signed, licensed trademark agreement on file with the Broaster® Company
• Promote your Broaster Express program using the specified signage and packaging

The Broaster Express Branded Food Program is a complete branded program that delivers all these benefits to your operation:
• A full line of top-quality, frozen, ready-to-cook Broaster Foods
• A choice of efficient Broaster Ventless Countertop Fryers or Broaster Pressure Fryers.
• High-quality cooking oil with no cholesterol, no trans fat and low saturated fat content.
• A full line of branded packaging supplies
• A wide variety of branded point-of-sale and promotional items
• National Branding
• On-site foodservice and equipment training
• Ongoing local distributor support and assistance
• Store locator and website support This innovative, licensed trademark program is ideal for anyone who wants to fuel profitability by offering a menu of the most popular hot-food items.

A Total Program That’s All-Inclusive
All with no franchise, royalty or licensing fees. You control and keep your profits.

Foods That Are Ridiculously Delicious
Our easy-to-use pressure fryers or ventless fryers are only the beginning. With each
delicious selection of Broaster Foods you add, your profitability potential multiplies. Each is made of the highest-quality ingredients, breaded and ready to cook – for a taste so distinctive customers will say,

“Food this good has gotta be from Broaster.”

With Broaster Foods, you get all of our popular seasonings, coatings and flavorful marinades in a full-line of popular grab ‘n’ go foods: chicken, seafood, potatoes, corndogs, cheese sticks, onion rings and a lot more. Offer them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or as appetizers and snacks. They’re ideal for today’s busy customer.

With the Broaster Express™ Branded Food Program, you’ll add all the quality and flavor of Broaster Foods to your menu without adding a lot of work. And because they come frozen and ready-to-cook, you control costs by preparing only the portions customers want. So you profit by the plateful.

A Total Program That's All-Inclusive.

A Total Program
That's All-Inclusive.

Chicken Perfected.

An American favorite for generations, Genuine Broaster Chicken® is simply the very best-tasting chicken you can find. Chicken lovers across America, and worldwide, tell us so. When you become an official licensed operator, you’ll have everything you need to serve your guests the amazing tastes they’ll be back for again and again.
Chicken Perfected. The one and only Genuine Broaster Chicken®.

Millions of people love fried chicken, but the chicken they prefer is Genuine Broaster Chicken. It’s fresh chicken, Broasted® to tender, crispy perfection. It’s America’s perfect chicken, made with the perfect recipe for building your business.  

As a licensed trademark operator, you’ll get the products, equipment and support you need to serve your customers a uniquely delicious and satisfying guest favorite. Thousands of satisfied foodservice operators across the country and around the world already do.
Preparing Genuine Broaster Chicken begins with our time proven recipe. We add our unique marinade and coating to our proprietary Broaster® Pressure Fryer cooking process, and you can offer a product with the irresistible flavor, crispiness and juiciness that attracts more customers – and helps your profits soar. And with no franchise or licensing fees, you keep the profits you earn.

It’s the taste people crave.

Because it’s pressure fried, Genuine Broaster Chicken® is more tender, juicier and flat out tastes better than ordinary fried chicken – even better than other pressure fried chicken for that matter! With more than 60 years of experience, no one understands your needs better than the Broaster® Company.

Because broasting® makes it better.
The Broaster® Company offers foodservice operators all they need to strengthen their businesses and build their profits. When you become a Genuine Broaster Chicken® licensed trademark operator, you gain access to Broaster foodservice equipment, products and accessories. And you’ll find that what we exclude is just as beneficial:
• No development fee.
• No royalty payments.
• No franchise fee.
• No need to separate sales.

In order to offer customers world-famous Genuine Broaster Chicken, operators must comply with the following requirements:
• Prepare your fresh chicken using our exclusive
Chickite® or Supreme® Marinade and
Slo-Bro® Coating.
• Follow all preparation and cooking guidelines.
• Cook your fresh chicken in a proprietary Broaster
Pressure Fryer
• Have a signed, licensed Broaster trademark
agreement on file with the Broaster Company.

The benefits of becoming a Genuine Broaster Chicken licensed operator offers you access to: 
• Quality Broaster Equipment
• Breadings, Marinades, Seasonings
• High-Quality Cooking Oils
• Packaging
• Apparel
• National Advertising
• Marketing Support
• On-site Foodservice and Equipment Training • Ongoing Local Distributor Support and Assistance

With time-proven performance, brand name recognition and a delicious flavor profile that is uniquely from Broaster, success can be easier than you ever imagined!